Jesse Young

Jesse is Telerivet's Chief Technology Officer.

Building Custom Integrations with Other Cloud Platforms

Many businesses and organizations that use Telerivet for mobile messaging also use other cloud platforms for different functionality, such as e-commerce, team collaboration, recruiting, email marketing, and website hosting. Telerivet has built-in integrations for some popular cloud platforms, like Zendesk. But what can you do if you need to integrate with another cloud platform and Telerivet hasn't built an integration yet?

With the latest update to Telerivet's Cloud Script API, it's now possible to build direct integrations between many other cloud platforms and Telerivet, where the integration is automatically triggered when a particular action occurs in the other platform.

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Use Text Messaging as a Zendesk Support Channel

Telerivet has released an app on the Zendesk Marketplace to make it easy to seamlessly integrate text messaging with your Zendesk Support account.

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New Features for Text Conversations

We’re excited to announce new features that make it even easier and faster to use Telerivet for two-way text conversations.

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Sending and Receiving Multimedia with Telerivet

The Telerivet Gateway app now supports sending and receiving multimedia messages, including images, video, audio, and PDF files. With the Telerivet Gateway app, you can use an Android phone as an MMS gateway in any country, as long as your mobile network supports MMS.

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Link Shortening and Click Tracking with Telerivet

If you send links in SMS messages, you may have encountered the challenge of trying to fit the URL and the rest of your message in 160 characters.

Now, we’re happy to announce Telerivet’s Short Links feature, which makes it easy to shorten URLs and track clicks in your SMS messages. Telerivet will show you every contact who clicked the link (or didn’t click it), as well as overall statistics to help you optimize your messaging campaigns.

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Message Review

Many organizations use Telerivet to let their teams send text messages and voice calls on behalf of the organization. However, giving more people access to send messages can also increase the risk of typos, incorrect messages, incorrect recipients, or other errors. If a broadcast is sent to hundreds or thousands of contacts in error, it could be costly, embarrassing, or worse.

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Introducing Telerivet for iOS and Android

We are excited to announce that Telerivet is now available as an app for iPhones and iPads, as well as Android phones and tablets.

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Tracking SMS Broadcasts with Telerivet

Telerivet has always made it easy for organizations to send SMS messages to groups of contacts. Some businesses use Telerivet to send notifications to groups of employees, other organizations use Telerivet for sending SMS polls, and others send SMS to notify their customers of special deals. We’ve designed Telerivet to be scalable, so that you can use Telerivet whether you need to send a message to ten contacts, a thousand contacts, or even a million contacts at once.

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Data Visualizations for Text Polls

Using SMS polls to collect data? Telerivet now lets you visualize the top survey responses as a pie chart, bar graph, or table. When viewing the data table of poll responses, just click the “Stats” tab.

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Number Insight: Validating and Cleaning Your Contacts

If you have an existing database of phone numbers, and you want to send SMS messages to them, it's easy to import the contact information into Telerivet. But how can you know if the phone numbers you've collected are actually valid, or whether they're mobile numbers capable of receiving SMS?

Telerivet now makes it easy to look up information about your phone numbers via our partnership with Nexmo.

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