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"The platform is user-friendly and the capabilities of the filters to create segments are the most advanced/comprehensive we have seen so far. Telerivet has been a very reliable platform and support is prompt in their responses. Our automated SMS campaigns consistently perform at cost-income ratio < 10%."
Senior Systems Analyst

Customer Stories

Grab Ride-sharing and logistics streamlined with SMS InVenture Providing credit scoring and financial literacy training to unbanked individuals worldwide Médecins Sans Frontières Appointment reminders and innovative SMS-based interventions Zalora Cross-channel marketing with SMS New Incentives Mobile money and airtime as public health incentives myAgro SMS payment system for farmers Dimagi Deploying M-Health services in challenging environments Asset Monitoring Solutions Communicating with GPS devices for vehicle tracking and fleet management Caritas Manila How Caritas used SMS to raise over ₱7 million in donations Direct communication with microfinance borrowers Tata Supply chain tracking and customer relationship management YesBoss Virtual concierge and personal assistant via SMS Farm Radio International Communicating with radio listeners to conduct live polls and send reminders Singapore Swimming Academy Coordinating classes with instructors and students WeFarm Sharing farmers' knowledge internationally via SMS Femina Hip Audience interaction with an SMS counseling and advice hotline Charity Science Improving public health via vaccination reminders eHealth Africa Solving public health crises with mobile technology Action Against Hunger Collecting data in rural areas for early warning of humanitarian crises &Wider Researching working conditions via IVR surveys Eco Fuels Kenya Connecting with everyone in the supply chain Caucus for Children's Rights Large-scale community advocacy via SMS Nuru Energy Spreading product awareness and tracking payments Anou Integrating SMS with an online marketplace
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