Text Messaging

Custom Sender IDs

Send SMS messages with your brand name.

In certain countries, you can use custom alphanumeric sender IDs to send SMS messages from Telerivet, so that messages appear with your brand name.

Custom sender IDs can be used to send high-volume SMS broadcasts when contacts don't need to reply to your messages.

Although contacts cannot reply directly to messages sent by a custom sender ID, you can send messages containing URLs for contacts to interact with, such as opt-out links. Your messages could also mention a separate number that contacts can use to send replies.

Custom sender IDs are implemented by various third-party SMS gateway providers, which connect Telerivet's servers to mobile networks around the world. In many countries, pre-approval is required by the mobile networks before sending messages with a custom sender ID.

If you need to receive replies, or if you need to send SMS messages in countries where alphanumeric sender IDs are not supported, we recommend using a virtual number or the Telerivet Gateway app to send messages with a numeric sender ID.

Direct Connectivity

Telerivet supports sending SMS messages with custom sender IDs in many countries, and can bill directly for per-message fees. For pricing and availability, email us and describe your use case, estimated daily and monthly message volume, and countries needed.

Bring Your Own Connectivity

Telerivet integrates with various third-party SMS gateway APIs that allow sending messages with custom sender IDs.

If you get an account from any of the providers below, you can connect it to Telerivet's system. Telerivet will not charge a per-message fee for SMS messages sent with your custom sender ID, but you will have to pay the provider directly.


Twilio's rate for outgoing SMS messages depends on the country, and ranges between $0.0075/SMS and $0.14/SMS for most countries. See pricing on Twilio.com


Vonage's rate for outgoing SMS messages depends on the country, and ranges between €0.005/SMS and €0.07/SMS for most countries. See pricing on Vonage.com


For information on Infobip's SMS pricing, contact Infobip sales.


Africa's Talking can send SMS messages to many countries in Africa.
See pricing on AfricasTalking.com

Other SMS Gateway Providers

Telerivet can integrate with nearly any provider that offers a SMPP or HTTP API for sending and/or receiving SMS messages.

Since custom integrations require Telerivet to do additional work for initial development, ongoing maintenance, and support, additional fees may apply above Telerivet's normal service plan pricing.

Pricing for custom integrations depends on the API. To discuss pricing for custom integrations, contact us at support@telerivet.com.

Note that in addition to Telerivet's service plan and integration fees, you'll also have to pay the API provider directly for costs such as the messages you send you send/receive, reserving your virtual number or shortcode, and any other costs involved in using their platform.