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Telerivet makes it easy to engage your customers, reach your community, and streamline your business operations.

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Enterprise-grade messaging command center

Used by organizations in 150+ countries, Telerivet is a cloud-based platform that makes it easy to communicate with mobile phone users via text and voice.

Send and view text messages in your browser

Easily send text messages from any computer or smartphone, while managing incoming responses. Search and view the conversation history for each contact.


Schedule messages and calls

Streamline communication by scheduling messages and calls for particular times or recurring intervals – great for appointment and event reminders.

Organize contacts for targeted messaging

Import contacts from a spreadsheet, define contact groups, create custom contact fields, and filter contacts so you can send targeted messages.


Get insights from advanced analytics

View statistics and graphs of sent and received messages, or export message history and contacts to a spreadsheet or your own system.

Delegate access to your team

Customize user permissions for your entire team with predefined roles or custom permissions. Audit the activity logs for each user.


Protect your data

Telerivet is SOC 2 compliant, and is certified under ISO/IEC 27001:2013, the leading international standard for information security. Telerivet securely replicates your data on multiple cloud servers, and automatically backs up your data daily. Enable two-factor authentication, IP address restrictions, and single sign-on to keep your account secure.

Manage your organization's messaging on the go

Telerivet's Android and iOS apps give you the full power of the web dashboard. You can send messages and view replies on your personal phone – all while using your organization's number to send messages, not your personal phone number.


Send trackable short links and multimedia

Telerivet can automatically shorten URLs in text messages and track clicks, so you can see who interacts with your messages. Send opt-out links to make it easy for contacts to unsubscribe.

Send and receive multimedia messages (MMS), or convert media attachments into trackable short links in a regular SMS.

Scalable messaging capacity

Need to send and receive thousands – or millions – of text messages a day? Not a problem.

Increase your message capacity by connecting multiple virtual phone numbers, SMS shortcodes, or Android phones.


Automated global communication

Telerivet makes it easy to create polls, auto-replies, chatbots, interactive voice response systems, and more.
Seamlessly integrate with your own applications and third-party systems.

Allow contacts to subscribe or unsubscribe by texting keywords like START or STOP.


Send welcome messages to new contacts, or tailor responses to incoming keywords like HELP.

Polls and surveys

Ask multiple-choice or open-ended questions and collect responses.

Rules Engine

Define custom actions to handle incoming text messages – no programming required.

Create if/then conditions to match particular keywords. Automatically send text replies, organize messages, send email notifications, or update contact information.


Developer API

Use Telerivet's robust APIs to enable your own applications to send and receive text messages anywhere in the world.

Send text messages and calls from your application via the REST API, and receive notifications of new messages via the Webhook API. Build custom automations in JavaScript via the Cloud Script API.

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Ready-to-use integrations with numerous third-party services and APIs.