Telerivet for Healthcare

Messaging to improve patient communication and public health


Targeted Patient Reminders

Improve patient adherence through scheduled, individualized appointment and medication reminders


Share information to keep your community healthy

Improve public health by broadcasting health tips, conducting interactive surveys, or answering health questions discreetly via text messaging.


Add mobile messaging into your existing systems

Use Telerivet's Developer Platform to enable your systems to send and receive text messages – anywhere in the world.

Note: In the United States, Telerivet currently does not support storing or transmitting protected health information (PHI) covered by HIPAA.
"Prior to Telerivet ... we needed to meet with all the community health workers retroactively and reinforce the need for timely follow-ups. With Telerivet, we can now send real-time reminders to all the CHWs as soon as a neonate needs a visit or a mother has defaulted on an antenatal care visit."
Kai Cowger
Millennium Villages Project
Infinitely versatile. Works anywhere.