Voice calling and IVR made easy.

Telerivet makes it simple to deploy interactive voice response services anywhere in the world.

Powerful, scalable platform for IVR

Schedule automated calls, conduct polls, set up call forwarding or voicemail, or build your own IVR call flow.
Design custom IVR menus and call flows

Create your own custom IVR services for both outbound and inbound calls. Design call flows in your browser via drag-and-drop, or by writing a few lines of JavaScript code.

Run voice polls

Conduct automated voice polls via inbound or outbound calls. Ask recipients one or more questions and collect responses via the touch tone keypad.

Intelligently handle inbound calls

Forward incoming calls to another number, play a pre-recorded message, record a voicemail, or send an email notification. Connect multiple phone numbers if needed.

Automate calls from your browser

Easily send or schedule voice calls from your web browser. Use text-to-speech, upload an audio file, or make your own recording. Prompt contacts to press a key to acknowledge your message or unsubscribe.

Make outbound calls with a virtual caller ID

Your team members can make calls without exposing their personal phone numbers. Your contacts will see your virtual number as the caller ID.

Flexible voice connectivity

Telerivet supports multiple ways of connecting to telephone networks.
Virtual Phone Number
Local phone numbers available in 64 countries.

With a virtual number, your organization can send and receive calls worldwide.

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VoIP Providers & Devices
Bring your own carrier.

Telerivet can integrate with any voice-over-IP (VoIP) provider or device that provides a SIP interface to handle incoming voice calls.

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Recommended Options by Country

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