Telerivet for Financial Services

Improve financial service communication with mobile messaging


Engage your borrowers and partners

Your staff can easily notify borrowers about loan applications and disbursements, follow up on late payments, and schedule text reminders about upcoming payments.



Deploy mobile messaging services easily and affordably

Launch your text messaging system in minutes without technical expertise, and use local phone numbers in your country to dramatically reduce costs.


Integrate mobile messaging into your existing systems

Telerivet's Developer API makes it easy to send text notifications and reminders from your own systems, and track replies and conversations.

Telerivet is a scalable solution that enables us to expand from 1 to 60+ countries without writing a bunch of new code, using the same APIs and services that we know well. They offer low overhead, easy set-up, and a great browser interface that allows our San Francisco-based staff to communicate directly with our borrowers in Kenya in the way that both groups are most comfortable."
Sam Mankiewicz, CTO
Infinitely versatile. Works anywhere.