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Supply chain tracking and customer relationship management

Tata Holdings (Tanzania) employs 1,500 people and operates in many industrial sectors, including automobiles, steel and engineering, chemicals, information technology, hospitality, and farming.

Tata East Africa uses Telerivet as a customer relationship management (CRM) and delivery logistics platform for its industrial Glass Sales. Tata EA's Glass Sales Executive manages Tata's hundreds of glass clients in more than 5 East African countries, using Telerivet's desktop interface and SMS gateway to replace traditional, time-consuming phone and email CRM.

Telerivet enables Tata to receive incoming client requests via SMS in real-time, and to store, view and manage these requests via desktop computer or mobile phone. Tata Glass can now easily manage two-way SMS communications with clients, and uses Telerivet's CRM platform exclusively for incoming client requests and outgoing client communications around delivery timing or new orders, as well as notifying all clients of new promotions and pertinent information. Tata Glass also keeps track of on-the-ground supply chain logistics by using Telerivet to connect directly with Tata's truck drivers.