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Ride-sharing and logistics streamlined with SMS

Grab (formerly known as GrabTaxi) is a technology company offering a wide range of app-based ride-hailing and logistics services in Southeast Asia, specifically in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, and the Philippines. Grab is the leading ride-hailing platform in the region, providing transportation solutions for over 620 million people across 35 cities in Southeast Asia. Grab offers a wide range of services through their mobile app, including GrabTaxi, GrabCar, GrabBike, GrabHitch, GrabExpress, and GrabFood.

SMS Coordination and Campaigns at scale

Grab uses Telerivet for several different use cases operating at a high volume of messages and users. To meet the needs of its rapidly expanding user base, Grab needed a responsive and eminently scalable toolset.

Grab uses Telerivet to help coordinate and communicate with those who use and operate their ride-sharing services. SMS is used for both driver and passenger communication.

Grab also uses Telerivet to power a number of their mobile promotions and campaigns. Invitations to special events, weekly incentive schemes, and other marketing campaigns are all easily implemented from Telerivet's web-based interface. The platform also makes it easy to allow users to opt-in and out of promotions. For its promotions, Grab saw an impressive 2x redemption rate for certain promotions launched over SMS compared to other channels.

Grab also relies on the "mail merge" capabilities of the Telerivet platform, and has recently begun testing out additional two-way automated services such as SMS polling.

Easy interface, scalable service, great support

Grab relied on a variety of local providers in Asia before consolidating its SMS services onto Telerivet.

In the end, Grab chose Telerivet because of the easy-to-use interface for sending out quick SMS campaigns, the ability to easily set up complex automation, the helpfulness of Telerivet's customer support, and because Telerivet enables Grab to use competitive SMS pricing from multiple connectivity providers.