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Communicating with GPS devices for vehicle tracking and fleet management

Asset Monitoring Solutions (AMS) is one of the leaders in the fleet management/telematics industry. With locations in the United Kingdom and the United States, AMS builds GPS devices for vehicle tracking, fleet management, and lone workers security.

AMS' GPS devices communicate with the company's servers as they change location. By integrating with Telerivet to work directly with their servers (using the Webhook API), they are able to configure their GPS devices to automatically send SMS notifications when an important piece of equipment is delivered. AMS has also implemented alerts to customers when a vehicle is speeding, idling too long, or consuming large amounts of gasoline.

Before Telerivet, AMS used a generic SMS gateway operator that charged the company roaming fees across the UK and US. Telerivet's gateways utilize a local phone number, enabling AMS to avoid expensive roaming costs. Because Telerivet is an easy-to-use, cloud-based platform, the team was up and running within minutes with no training needed.