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Deploying M-Health services in challenging environments

Founded in 2002, Dimagi is a Boston-based software company that develops software for low-resource settings. Dimagi’s mobile platform CommCare has helped organizations in 50+ countries build and deploy mobile applications and SMS systems, leading to better service delivery at the last mile.

Dimagi frequently uses Telerivet to establish SMS connectivity in countries where Dimagi doesn't have an SMS gateway. CommCare can easily be integrated with Telerivet through Telerivet’s Android gateway functionality.

After trying different gateway providers, Dimagi opted to regularly use Telerivet due to its ease of use. “Using the Telerivet Android gateway lets us quickly set-up projects in countries where it is too difficult or time consuming to obtain a gateway,” said Dimagi’s SMS product manager Sheel Shah. “Our partners really like using the Telerivet dashboard to view all communication with a given phone number, and jump in and directly send messages to users outside of what is scheduled from CommCare."

Dimagi has set up over 30 CommCare projects that support SMS with Telerivet. In one project with USAID and Abt Associates, Dimagi has set up Telerivet gateways in 12 African countries to support malaria prevention activities. Each year hundreds of seasonal malaria sprayers visit rural villages in Africa to spray households with insecticide to prevent malaria. At the end of their day, sprayers will send daily SMSes detailing their daily progress. These SMSes goes through Telerivet’s gateway and then through CommCare, where team member can view spray progress in daily email reports.