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Sharing farmers' knowledge internationally via SMS

WeFarm - a recent winner of the Knight News Challenge - is a worldwide peer knowledge sharing SMS network for farmers.

Key concerns for WeFarm in choosing an SMS provider were ways of tracking failed texts, no reliance on multiple hardware items and easy and effective remote management.

For these reasons WeFarm switched to Telerivet and can now efficiently track SMS between farmers, providing a safety net for texts that may fail due to faulty or unreliable servers. Telerivet’s use of local and affordable phone numbers has made piloting in three countries possible, as well as facilitating the goal of doubling their reach over the next year.

We're in three countries now and planning to expand to three or four more in the next twelve months. With Telerivet, we can do that by just purchasing an Android on the ground. It’s like we’re putting WeFarm in the mail and shipping it off to Kenya, to Peru, to Tanzania - we can instantly make it available to more farmers."
Kenny Ewan, Program Manager