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Keeping in touch with workers and tracking payments

Juabar is a network of energy franchises that provide charging services and product sales bringing energy access and connectivity to rural Tanzania, whose mission is to develop profitable small business opportunities in Tanzania while meeting community energy and connectivity needs.

Juabar uses Telerivet to keep in touch with their operators and franchises in rural areas through weekly SMS updates. With Telerivet, Juabar has the means to immediately hear from operators, as well as to document important information for future reference. They are also able to track incoming and outgoing mobile money payments using Telerivet's dashboard.

Before using Telerivet, Juabar had to track messages, replies, and mobile money receipts by hand, and each member of the team was responsible for reporting messages to the rest of the team. They also had to track and maintain incoming mobile money SMS messages on a daily basis to keep accounting up to date. Telerivet allows Juabar to respond to customer needs as they happen, so communication and accounting is much more manageable.