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Integrating SMS with an online marketplace

Anou is a mobile-online e-commerce platform designed to enable artists in the developing world to sell their artwork to people all across the globe. Anou needed an SMS service to connect artisans without Internet to customers online.

When a product is purchased, Anou uses Telerivet to immediately send the artisan an SMS text message including the shipping address. Artisans then reply back with SMS text messages to confirm shipments and send in tracking numbers.

Before Telerivet, Anou used multiple value-added service providers. However, the cost was prohibitive, and it charged the artisans international SMS rates for using the service.

Using Telerivet allowed Anou to reduce its monthly communications costs by 75% and ensure that artisans always paid local SMS rates when using Anou's SMS service. Anou now has the freedom to create more and more tools that make it easier to connect their artisan clients, in even the most remote corners of Morocco, to customers all over the globe.