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Large-scale community advocacy via SMS

The Caucus for Children's Rights (CCR) promotes child welfare in Tanzania through a campaign that employs TV and radio programs as well as live theatre performances. CCR uses SMS to connect with people who have interacted with the programming either via TV or radio or witnessed theatre performance to gather data, share updates and feedback on protecting children from abuse, neglect, and exploitation.

CCR disseminated over 35,000 publications to challenge parents and guardians how they interact and care for their children. Attached with it was a feedback form for viewers to share their experience with the campaign. However, keeping in touch with all these advocates wasn't easy, as the previous SMS service didn't cover all mobile networks. Valuable access and feedback to thousands of child protection champions was being lost. Now, with Telerivet, CCR can reach individuals on any network and it costs only 2% of what CCR used to pay their previous SMS service.

Because Telerivet works with every mobile network, CCR is now able to reach more people (21,500+ adults) throughout Tanzania. CCR adds them to an advocacy contact list through Telerivet's subscription service and keeps them educated with regular surveys and polls. With Telerivet's compatibility with all networks, the SMS systems enable reaching many people easily, and CCR is paying Telerivet less than 2% of the total cost they used to pay their previous provider.