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How Caritas Manila used SMS to raise over ₱7 million in donations

Caritas Manila serves as the lead social service and development ministry of the Catholic Church in the Philippines. 

Caritas Manila has used Telerivet’s SMS service to implement various community development programs geared towards education, healthcare, disaster management, counseling and rehabilitation.


Beneficiaries of Caritas Manila’s project Caritas Damayan receiving their care packages. Photo credits to Caritas Manila.

The Need for Donation Transparency and Streamlined Communications

As a social impact organization, it is crucial for Caritas Manila to foster relationships with stakeholders and beneficiaries. They needed a cost-effective solution to help systematize outreach. 

Before using Telerivet, it would take them days to send SMS campaigns as they had to message individuals separately. It was also difficult to keep track of incoming and outgoing messages since everything had to be checked manually via a mobile phone. This resulted in increased workload and data discrepancies. 

Choosing the Right Platform for Capacity Building

Caritas Manila chose Telerivet because it enabled them to implement campaigns efficiently.  According to Rye Zotomayor, Financial Stewardship Head of Caritas Manila, "Telerivet has helped Caritas Manila to reach out to our donors fast. Before, it would take us how many days to send a text blast if ever we have a campaign or call for donations. Even with birthday greetings and other events, we can just schedule the date on when to send the message. Telerivet helped us to save time so we can do more other tasks."

Since 2018, the organization has been using Telerivet to cascade information on fundraising programs and personalize donor communications. They keep track of activities and monitor engagement through Telerivet’s extensive dashboard and use a branded SMS service to establish trust among stakeholders. 

This resulted in streamlined internal communications, reduced workload, and proper coordination. Most importantly, Telerivet helped Caritas Manila communicate with donors effectively resulting in increased campaign support.

In their recent call for donations, they used Telerivet to send mass messages to mobile users, generating a total of ₱7 million worth of funds raised, along with other in-kind donations collected for typhoon victims.  

As Caritas Manila continues to make impactful contributions to society, Telerivet will keep supporting its initiatives by connecting them with stakeholders and communities in the Philippines and beyond.


A Caritas Manila Volunteer presenting aid to a beneficiary. Photo credits to Caritas Manila.